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Lithium Tetraborate
                     Molecular Formula                                  Li2B4O7
                     Appearance                                           White crystal powder
                     Serial Number                                        LT-H4NLT-4NLT-3NLT-2N
                     CAS Number                                         12007-60-2
                     Melting point                                          930 C
Chemical Composition
                     Li2B4O7                                                                  99.0~99.99 % min
                     Bulk density                                           0.4~0.6 g/cm3
      *High Density Grade    LT-H4N            0.9~1.2  g/cm3
LT-2N/3N, in double plastic bags protected
by knitting bag, 25kg net weight.
LT-4N, sealed in PE reagent bottle, 500g
per bottle, 20 bottles in one carton case.
LT-H4N, sealed in PE reagent bottle, 1000g
per bottle, 20 bottles in one carton case.
LT-2N used as fusion flux in smelting or
glass industry.
LT-3N used as additive to polycarbonate
windows and to lithium grease formulation.
LT-H4N/4N used as flux to prepare sample for
X-rays fluorescence analysis, recommended
for fusing chemicals containing alkaline oxides
such as CaO, Na2O, K2O, MgO, Silicates,
Carborates etc.
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