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Zinc Borate

                     Molecular Formula                                   2ZnO•3B2O3•3.5H2O
                     Appearance                                             White powder
                     Serial Number                                          ZB-0102、ZB-0205、ZB-0610
                     CAS Number                                           1332-07-6 
Chemical Composition

                     ZnO                                                         37.5 ± 1.0 %
                     B2O3                                                       48.0 ± 1.0 %
                     H2O                                                         14.5 ± 0.5 %
Physical Property

                     Mean Particle Size (F.S.S.S)                      ZB-0102  1~2 µm
                                                                                     ZB-0205  2~5 µm
                                                                                     ZB-0610  6~10 µm
                     Loss on drying at 280 °C                            1.0 % max
*Product with low purities according to RoHS/SONY directive and mean particle size between 1 µm to 15 µm available as per customers’ requirement.

Plastic bag protected by knitting bag,
25kg or 1000kg net weight.


As flame retardant, smoke suppressant
in polymers such as PVC, polyolefin, nylon,
polyester, rubbers and in textile.
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