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Established in February 1998 and grown as a high-tech enterprise. 

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. 

Strong R&D capability as our powerhouse enabling us to be one of the largest producers of following products

in China: 

             1) High-purity Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide for manufacturing cathode material and electrolyte

                 of lihium ion batteries.

             2) High-purity Lithium Carbonate and Boric Acid for the production of fusion fluxes. 

             3) Lithium Borates for XRF analysis,  lithium complex grease and ceramics industry. 

             4) High purity Antimony Trioxide with purity of 99.9%, 99.99% complying with EU RoHS Directive. 

             5) High purity Antimony Metal with purity of 4N,5N,6N, 6N5 and in the form of ingot, rod, shot, piece.

             6) Super-Fine Spherical Nickel and Copper Powder tailor-made for BME Muli-Layer Ceramic Capacitors.

             7) Environmentally friendly wood preservatives Zinc Borate registered with EPA in USA.

             8) High quality flame retardant Zinc Borate 3.5H2O, Zinc Borate Anhydrous and Zinc Borate 223. 

             9) Sodium Antimonate and Large particle Antimony Trioxide with low tinting strength.

Three inventive patents of super-fine nickel powder and antimony glycolate production technology, and some

self-developed expertise.

Strong analysis and test capabilities, including ICP, AAS, SEM, TGA, XRD and Laser Diffraction analysis, etc.

Tailor-made services available.

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